Denver Comic Con Draws 61,000, Earns High Praise for Comic Book Classroom

Denver Comic Con Draws 61,000, Earns High Praise for Comic Book Classroom

Wow! This morning, MTV Geek got the exclusive scoop that the 2013 Denver Comic Con, featuring the Comic Book Classroom Kids’ Corral, drew over 61,000 guests this year!

Our friend Dr. Christina Angel, the Convention Director for Denver Comic Con, pointed out that Comic Book Classroom is an essential part of making this event a truly family-friendly and unique experience.

“Because we are an educational nonprofit for children, it’s very important to us that we include kids’ activities and programming and make the experience one for the entire family,” Angel told MTV Geek. “Additionally, because we’re all nerds too, we know how crucial it is that places like comic cons are as inclusive as they can be – all are welcome. I don’t have numbers yet on the under-10 crowd, but I know it was quite high and they are definitely a factor that affects our attendance numbers. We couldn’t be happier to be helping parents raise a new generation of comics and pop culture nerds!”

When Alex Zalben from MTV Geek asked Christina for the biggest success story of Denver Comic Con 2013, she again pointed back to Comic Book Classroom. “I think one of the greatest moments was when William Shatner read to the kids in the CBC Corral, Angel said. “It was an honor to host him, and the kids who experienced his reading of Where the Wild Things Are might not have known it, but they witnessed a once-in-a-lifetime event that I hope they’ll always remember.”

You can read more from MTV Geek and The Denver Post about the success of this year’s event. Keep an eye out here for more bulletins from Rowrr!, Neigh, and all of us at Comic Book Classroom. Stay tuned!

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